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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Late Goodbye

The rain poured on me and I didn’t mind.

“I loved to walk in the rain,

So no one could see my tears.”

The lines went just too well with me. As the rain poured so did those memories and let it come back again. First the reminiscence of a recent newspaper headlines “WEREWOLF HUNTER STARTS ‘SAVE WEREWOLF’ CAMPAIGN” and then I was back to those times….

From the childhood days, I have been trained to fight and kill werewolves. Werewolves are dangerous; they kill people, so I killed them. The payment was also nice and I felt elated after each kill. It was nothing illegal also, as all humans feared werewolves and wanted them to be extinct. So I was a blessing to such people.

But a handful didn’t think so. They sympathized for werewolves and believed that one day a werewolf antidote would be invented which would cure all werewolves of their disease or maybe keep them under control. Such a person was my friend, my best friend in this world—Julian.

Though we had such ideological differences we were still the best of friends. On one side when I was busy slaying werewolves, he was busy in his research work on werewolf antidote and running a ‘WEREWOLVES NEED LOVE’ campaign. I never stopped him from doing so as both of us respected each other’s profession.

One day I turned up in a village where a menacing werewolf was killing villagers each night in the forest beside it. I was amazed and rather pleased when I found Julian in the village’s inn. He looked rather ill and sleep-deprived. Amazingly, he was not at all excited to see me as always. “Julian! Nice to see you here. Did you come here for some research work?” I asked, “You didn’t tell me you’d come here!”

He was not so excited on seeing me, “Hi. Today is full moon right?”

I was baffled by his question. “Yes it is. So why did you come here? And why hadn’t you informed me earlier?”

He gave no answer. Just vaguely said, “Hmmm….Full moon; the time when werewolves are the most vicious and powerful. Come on; let’s take a walk to the forest! I’ll tell you something…”

“Alright”, I followed him, though I was quite reluctant about it. I had always known him to be a pretty jolly person but his current behavior puzzled me.

I was walking with him when I saw a group of villagers going towards the forest with axes, spears and other weapons.

“Where are those people going?” I asked.

“Yesterday the werewolf killed a small child. They wanted to hunt the werewolf themselves…” Julian replied.

And I could really understand the cause of the villagers’ urgency.

“Well, I had told the villagers at day time to try and kill the werewolf in the forest as it has become very dangerous…”his voice trailed off.

“What?!?! Impossible!” I exclaimed. He had a lot of love for those monsters.

Julian smiled half-heartedly. “I have to tell you something important. Last month I had got a werewolf in my laboratory…”

“Julian, that’s illegal. You knew it and still…”

“Please listen to me first. In my madness I freed the werewolf and it chased me. Though it couldn’t kill me, it bit me, “he sighed, “I am the werewolf hunting people each night here…”

My heart quivered—a strange feeling of fear of losing someone inside me. “No, but why did you…? It can’t be…”I couldn’t say anything. And then it happened all too fast.

I could hear the old church bell ringing and I knew it was midnight. Julian changed suddenly like an angel taking the shape of a fearful monster—the monster I had hunted for so many years.

I would run to protect him from the villagers but they had already surrounded him. They were slowly killing him with their weapons and I was held tightly by some people who didn’t want me to get close to the werewolf.

I did shout, I did cry. But the joyous cheers of the crowds drowned my voice when they set the injured werewolf on fire. Julian had called all the villagers to hunt him because he was scared he might hurt me.

And suddenly it all dawned on me. I understood how it feels like to take away a close person from you and his only fault being he is a werewolf. I realized that for me so many people had lost their friends and relations. A werewolf is a human after all…and so many innocent people like Julian are hunted every day for becoming one.

Julian was right. Our world which is already so full of violence and hatred needed healers not destroyers. We have to invent an antidote for werewolves just as Julian had dreamt of. Healing was the answer to all evils… not destruction. If we start healing the werewolves now…we could save millions of people from being hunted by werewolves or millions hunted as werewolves.

When I realized it, it was too late. I decided not to follow the crowd.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A perfect ghost

(This was written for one of my exams on the spot... Ofcourse I had to change some parts which were irrelevant to the story but had to include in my essay for it to correspond my the topic... Whatever I wrote I am posting... I dont want to change it... And please tell me if this idea is borrowed from some Hollywood flick or any book.... Cuz I cant remember for now....)
The lights appeared out of darkness. Now a car’s body could be perceived in the darkness. The girl standing at a distance on the road smiled. The car halted and from it shouts of some boys were heard, “What are you doing at the middle of the road lady? You could be run over.”
“Kind sirs, I am all alone here and I need a ride home. So please can you give me a lift”, the girl said. The three boys in the car, who were of the same age as the girl, hesitated but at last agreed. She sat in the back seat with a boy who was recording everything in a handy-cam. “So, what is your name?”one of the asked. “Lizzie”, she answered shortly.
The boys first had a shocking expression but didn’t actually say anything. “We aren’t very fond of girls named Lizzie,”said one of them. “Why? Because you got one Lizzie killed because you were drinking and driving?” she asked. The car came to a stop. All three boys had an astounded face as if struck by lightning. “And then you threw her into the river in fear you would be charged of murder”, she said non-chalantly, “Do you remember how she looked?” “Like you”, whispered one of them. “It’s a ghost!” one of them exclaimed and pushed her out of the car, “Come on drive fast!”
They drove but their car lost balance and turned over. All three were dead.

“So that was a ghost we see in there?” asked Susan to Ronnie, pointing out to the girl recorded in the handy-cam. They were just two friends who had found it in a bush near the accident site that morning. “Well yes, quite a ghost,”said a female voice. Susan and Ronnie turned around and saw something which nearly froze them to death. It was Lizzie, talking to them. Susan and Ronnie’s dead bodies lay near the bush where they had found the handy-cam, with the handy-cam clutched in Ronnie’s hand. They had been killed with a knife.
‘A perfect mystery for ghosthunters to solve. They drowned me in the river but couldn’t kill me. The police can’t catch me. I am a ghost in the eyes of the world now…”Lizzie thought smiling to herself. Before daylight she would leave the country, being happy that she had her revenge on the killers. Cold-blooded as she was.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Time: 21st December,2012.

Five people were sitting around the bonfire in the freezing cold woods in a certain part of the earth. These were no ordinary people. They were witches. In simple words, they had mastered the ancient art of Wicca and Witchcraft. They were all blessed with magical and extraordinary powers which ordinary people like you and I didn’t possess. And they were not here for celebrating bonfire night. They were here for a special mission that, according to the Elders, they were destined to accomplish. But they were not well-known to each other.

Their names were Martin,Tia, Lucy, Khalid and Vyacheslav. They had been sitting here for an hour waiting for the prophesied devastation and demolition. They spent their time mostly yawning and stretching their legs or killing mosquitoes or taking a small snooze.

Sometimes they made fireballs and whirled it balancing on one finger. Or made grass grow longer and flowers bloom. They could achieve the impossible. But they were getting impatient. They were tensed also, they didn’t know in what form the attack would come. They also doubted if they were powerful enough to stop this devastation and save the planet.

All of them looked up with utter curiosity when they saw a heavenly blue fireball floating in air. It stretched and shrunk like a rubber ball but stood at its fixed position. The fireball grew big and gleamed in its various rainbow colors. It was a teleportation portal.

A rough outline of a human figure appeared inside the portal; the figure of a female. Someone else was coming in to join the chosen ones. The others stared at the beautiful portal with their jaws dropped. The person jumped out of the portal. She was smiling and dressed like a “Winx Club” doll, not to mention she even wore a tiara.

The witches stared at her, with a bit of surprise. The girl too was surprised to find that other people had already reached this place.

“Wow! You can teleport!” exclaimed Khalid.

“Yes”, the girl said with indifferent casualty, “Any big deal in that?”

“Well, till now none of us can do it! And you are just a child!” Tia completed Khalid’s sentence.

“So you all also know about this…” she hesitated for a moment, and nervously completed the sentence, “…this 2012 stuff?”

“Yeah”, the others sang boringly.

“So guys, here’s the sixth person who has been given the duty of fighting Satan, in the legendary and much prophesized 2012 battle between good and evil that is about to take place on this day…Wow!”, she clapped her hands and almost started floating in joy.

“I am Tarina Blenthé coming down from a family which bred some of the most famous witches,” she declared puffing up her chest. Then they had a short introductory session among themselves.

“So how did you guys come to know that we had to meet here?” Tarina asked them.

“The story’s quite the same for all of us, you see. Our instincts told us. And even my tarot card indicated this place to be the right one,” said Vyacheslav.

“And what about your practice for the whole day? What did you do as last moment preparation for the battle?” she asked again, “As for me, I didn’t do much except meditating the whole day in my basement.”

The others had to gasp at this. “What?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“Well that’s exactly what I had done too,” agreed Martin.

“Not only you two… I also did the same thing,” Tia had to consent.

They all had to agree on this. They had meditated the whole day in some secret place, totally unaware of the outside world. Then they had directly reached this place through their own means.

“Well it really sounds like we were all destined to do the same thing today…Save the planet,” said Khalid cheerfully.

“But what I am wondering is… What is going to happen today? Will our battle take place face to face with Satan? Or will it be in the higher planes? How will he ever bring destruction? And how can we humans… though we are special…possibly defeat Satan?” Tia raised the question.

“Oh yes”, said Tarina, “These are the same questions which is lurking in my mind. Does anyone know?”

They all shook their heads. None of them knew.

“I believe only time can answer them”, said Lucy.

“Talking of time? For how long will we wait here? Two hours already over. And there’s no sign of any danger. Everything is so peaceful here!” said Vyacheslav impatiently.

“Hey lets fly around to see if anything is wrong anywhere. Then I think we will have to get ready for astral projection,” said Tarina.

“My guess was correct. The battle will take place in the seventh plane maybe,” Tia supposed.

“Yes come on. Let’s go. Six of us fly in six different directions. Then we come back here and report,” commanded Lucy.

“Check,” the others said as they flew up.

Tarina soared in the night sky where the cool wind touched her face and refreshed her. But she was shocked when she looked down on a busy road. There were big buildings and sky scrappers that sprung up like trees everywhere in the city. It looked as if someone had set the city on fire; so much smoke and dust was everywhere. And everywhere people were pressing the horns of their cars; waiting angrily in the traffic jam and saying vulgar things in the hope that the cars would move forward. Further on, she saw many people fighting with each other. They had all sorts of weapons and killed each other so passively that it seemed it didn't matter to them as long as they weren't hurt. She went down further to have a look everywhere…

On the other side, Martin saw miles of forest with barren trees. There was nothing left of them, no leaves, no flowers, no fruits, only a few bare branches hung from its sides. It looked as if the charcoal-black trunk of the trees was standing with great pain and they would eventually fall any second now. In this place, few men were mining in search of petroleum. He just stared at the trees with greasy eyes. A loud explosion inside the mine made him come back from his trance and he moved on to see…

Lucy also soared on. The sharp stench of corpses caught her nose. She felt sick. As she flew more closely to the ground, she saw few humans lying dead and as she went further she got to see some more of them. It was clear to her that they were beggars and poor people who had died getting no food to eat. No one had shown any mercy to them. The faces of the dead bodies were pale, dry and stared at the sky with bulging, passive eyes that indicated nothing but grief. No one knew that there were so many dead people as these people had not mattered in this world…No one knew their silent existence even when they were living....

Khalid, Tia and Vyacheslav also saw other horrific scenes of death, demolition and destruction on earth, which had no living souls to save now. Vast tracts of ocean which beared the dead bodies of fishes which died because of a petrol's tant leak. Somewhere they saw the few remains of war. Someone had stolen all life, happiness and peace that once reigned on earth…

The essence of evil has sneaked into this once-happy place. Evil has done its job most proficiently… It has crept into earth and turned a human's heart charcoal-black. The destruction and devastaion had spread very slowly for many years in front of the Chosen One's eyes. Satan was now everywhere...within all human beings and even inside the Chosen Ones... The Chosen Ones had lived their lives selfishly... When they could devote all their time to purify humans from this evil, they devoted it for developing their powers which was of no use now.... Whom would they fight and whom would they destroy to fulfill the prophecy?All the humans whose hearts were possessed by evil today???

Behind the Veil....

The moon glimmered against the gray background of the sky as masses of dark clouds gathered around it. Pinpoints of stars winked every moment and became brighter. The night had turned everything colorless. The weather was hot and sticky; it would rain after while. The dark grey trees dared not move their branches. Everything was still and silent, except for the rustling sound of dried leaves as a dark cloaked figure glided through the leafy floor of the dense woods.

Inside this cloaked figure, a pale handsome face prevailed. His sharp bloodthirsty fangs hid between his red lips. He was Juan, Juan Venth, the only vampire present in a city where vampires were illegal. Some genetical disorders in humans had been giving rise to a different race called vampires in the present times.

Few countries had already accepted vampires and had given them some rights, whereas some countries did not give any rights to vampires, declared them as dangerous or a threat to human race and ultimately hanged them to death or burned them. Juan was born to a family living in a country like this.

Most law officials failed to understand that it was a law of nature. Just as lions will eat deer, vampires will also drink human blood. Many people had much misconception about this matter. Drinking blood from humans would neither kill them nor turn them into vampires. It depended on the will of the vampire whether he wanted to hurt his prey or not.

Vampires drank very little blood to remain alive; at least it wouldn’t cause great deficiency of blood in humans. So what was the harm of vampires living on Earth? The government would never understand.

Humans showed vampirical signs when they were adults. Juan was nineteen and had just discovered he was not normal like the others. Now he was trying his best to escape from the clutches of the government and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a vampire hunter living in their city to protect the people from vampires. She was one of the best in the world and traveled from one country to another hunting, or rather killing vampires. She was an expert in this field and never failed to kill any vampire. All the vampires shuddered when they heard her name.

Elizabeth used to be Juan’s role model when he was young, when he wasn’t aware of what he really was. He always dreamt to be like her—one who protects humans from those fanged beasts. But little did he know then, that he would be a fanged beast and that Elizabeth would hunt him down some day or the other.

Juan had already made it possible to escape from the prison once, now he had to leave the country and go to Bovilia, where vampires were given rights in that country. Young vampires like Juan did not possess much power. Maybe they just had the strength of twelve strong men or the gift of immortality. But the real superhuman powers of the vampire came when he was a hundred years old. Then any vampire could spellbind people, move at superhuman speed and use other psychic powers to seduce the prey.

Juan was young and now he was very weak for defending himself because he hadn’t fed for one week. If he had to fight the police or Elizabeth he would surely die in the attempt. He hurried away towards his path of eternal freedom, as fast as he could.

Juan walked slowly through the woods. After the woods, he had to cross a bridge and get past the country border safely and he would reach Bolivia. Still a long way waited for him and Elizabeth was already after his life, though he didn’t actually know where she was. He glared in all four directions of the woods; no one was there.

Juan walked on. Just then, he heard the muffled sound of footsteps in the forest! He instantly looked around…no one was seen…but he was sure somebody was there…he could smell the presence of humans…but who could be there? Did the cops know his whereabouts? He looked in all directions…still he could see no one.

Instinctively he looked up…and saw a pair of legs dangling from the trees! The possessor of the legs had a gun pointed at Juan’s direction! Juan stood paralyzed for a second. Now he could clearly see four other cops pointing their gun at him.

Juan smiled victoriously showing his fangs. Mere bullets couldn’t kill him; he was immortal. Elizabeth had clever ways of killing vampires though. He had read in news articles that she would slice them into pieces with silver knives dipped in limewater. And when the vampire was weak due to the effect of limewater and silver, she would put a wooden stake right into the vampire’s heart. A vampire whose heart was damaged wasn’t immortal anymore. Then she burnt them to ashes in any cemetery of Bolivia. That was her style.

She had good knowledge about vampires. But the cops didn’t. They took vampires for granted; they thought they could squeeze out vampires like leeches. The reason was that a veil of mystery was always kept between normal humans and law officials or vampire hunters about vampires. Normal humans knew nothing of vampires, even the dead bodies and photos of the vampires who were killed in the hands of Elizabeth was not shown on TV or newspapers. Juan could have proudly stood there with no fear of the gun, but he started running, fearing that Elizabeth might come anytime. Bullets started raining all around him…but he kept on running. One or two bullets even hacked into his shoulders and legs, but it had no effect on him.

Suddenly a knife hit his left thigh…a knife with lemon rubbed. Elizabeth’s arrival! Juan thought. The lemon burnt his flesh. The strike of a simple knife couldn’t have harmed him. But lemon water was corrosive to the skin of vampires. Juan shrieked with pain…it felt like his life had ended…he tried to move but could barely do it, he was very weak. He looked back to see whether it was really Elizabeth. To his relief, it wasn’t. It was just another police. So they had also known the weaknesses of vampires. Juan felt another knife slicing his ankle…sharp pain pierced him…he was limp in both legs…he could not run any longer…

In a split of a second, when Juan was not in his senses they tied him up with thick ropes. Lucky for the cops that Juan had not fed for a week or he would have torn the rope as well as these men to pieces. Juan was so much drained that he could not tear the ropes.

“Move on, Big Tooth,” said one of the men as he shoved his gun at Juan’s back, directing him to move in their desired direction. The police were heading for the main road. Juan weakly limped on with them, with no more hope to escape.

Juan suddenly sensed someone’s rapid movements among the trees. Who was it? Suddenly two of the cops shrieked! Juan turned around to see that two men had fallen down, dead or maybe unconscious or maybe injured.

“Burke, are you all right?” one cop asked the fallen cop. Burke did not respond.

“Be alert! Something weird is going around here!” one of them commanded and the two others surrounded Juan and held their guns tight. An arrow shot out from the trees and hit one cop’s neck. The only helpless cops left awake also suffered the same fate after few seconds.

Juan, who was stared astonishingly at the policemen. All were lying dead or unconscious around him. He started running away from them in this golden opportunity.

“Stop!” he heard a high-pitched voice, as a slick figure swooped down in front of him from the leafy trees.

She was dressed in a black jeans and jacket, wore a black mask and carried a bag on her back that had all kinds of knives and swords protruding out of it. Only the lady’s blue eyes could be seen.

“Don’t run and don’t panic!” said the cold feminine voice, which Juan recognized at once.

A sudden pang of fear smacked Juan. Goosebumps appeared on his skin, and the hair of his skin began to stand out. His insides churned. He had a hollow feeling inside him and his heartbeat fastened. And heartbeat, when his thoracic cage would be hollow in few seconds. It was Elizabeth, the vampire hunter, standing before him.

Juan knew it was useless now, to have the least hope of living. But he tried to indulge her in a conversation…

He was very much scared but acted cool, “I was sure you would come. But who killed them?” he asked, his finger pointing towards the lifeless policemen.

“Me”, a short answer came from the lady.

Juan took a big gulp. Why would she do it?

“So why did you kill your pals? Wanted to take all the credit yourself by killing me alone, eh?”

“I didn’t kill them… they are just arrows to make them get a good night’s rest! Now if you do not mind, we need to head for Bolivia before the whole police force comes for you. A warning: Do not try to run away as it might cause you more harm. I’ll explain everything on the way and I hope you believe it,” said Elizabeth taking off the mask.

She tied up Juan with strong wires with the strong scent of garlic, which made Juan feel sick. Juan did not hesitate, if he wouldn’t negotiate to get tied up, Elizabeth wouldn’t kill him at that very instance. And Juan could stay alive for a little longer. After all who didn’t love their life? Vampires had a natural dislike towards garlic. Juan felt an unresistable vomiting sensation.

“Get this thing off me! Kill me straight with a wooden stake through me…but don’t make me suffer like this,” moaned Juan.

“I have to make sure you don’t run away and fall in the wrong hands”.

She took out a knife and directed him to move on, “Now advance in that direction please.”

“So, how will you kill me? I mean, will u cut my legs or my hands or my head first? Or will you put a wooden stake through me right away?” Juan asked.

Elizabeth did not reply. She was a middle-aged woman, maybe in her thirties. Her face was serious and expressionless, as if all her feelings had been pumped out of her.

“We’re heading for the bridge. No games there”, she warned.

They moved on quietly, with Juan shaking with fear. Who did not fear death? Especially in a situation when your murderer was right behind you. At last, they reached the bridge, which would take them to the other side of the river.

Finally, Elizabeth spoke out, “You know what, you are the only vampire for whom I had to take such a lot of risk. Wasn’t it obvious that the cops would hide near the forest and try to stop you from getting out of this country? Still you chose this way! Idiot! If the police somehow come to know that I had attacked them, then I’ll be behind bars, you will die…and all my life-long efforts will be ruined.”

Juan raised one eye-brow. This lady was out of her head. “What are you talking about?” asked Juan.

“Do you even know what would happen if the police found that I freed you?” she asked.

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about? You and freeing me? Do you remember I am the vampire here? For Christ’s sake!” exclaimed Juan.

Elizabeth sighed, “Oh ya. You wouldn’t know anything of it. Anyways answer a few questions of mine; my point will be clear to you. Why don’t they show the face of the vampire in the news channels?”

“How should I know? It’s the media’s and government wish”, Juan said casually.

“Well, its one of my wishes and pursuance that no one gets to see them. Another question: Why don’t I let anyone see the dead bodies of vampires?”

“Well, I think the police get to see it. Its only the normal public who don’t and your burn them, to ashes remember?,” he retorted.

“My last question: Why do I take the bodies to Bolivia? There are graveyards in every country where the vampire lives,” Elizabeth blurted.

“That is your style of how you do things. A good way of gaining fame and all, becoming not only a vampire hunter but also a mysterious one. Why are you asking such questions? Are you doing some survey work on what vampires personally feel about you?” asked Juan.

“No, nothing like that. It’s just that I have some explanations to give you. Explainations which I have given to hundreds of vampires before taking them to Bolivia. Let’s keep walking on or we’ll get late”, there was a sudden change in her voice that surprised Juan.

She did care for him even if they were total strangers. She really didn’t sound like that cruel, merciless hunter at all!

“Well, I am giving the answers to those questions first. Firstly, I am the one who requested the government not to show the vampire’s face or put up any “wanted” posters. There were many good reasons which I made up to keep this hidden. You need not know the details. Secondly, I don’t show the vampire’s dead body to anyone telling everyone it’s a hell lot of bloody mess and they wouldn’t like to see it. Personally, I am not able to show them because I don’t kill them at all…”

David let out a shrill laughter, “Are you kidding me or our “great vampire hunter” has become a crackpot all of a sudden? After killing so many of them… you are saying you don’t kill vampires!”

“I know you won’t believe me. But you have to listen to me. I never killed any vampire in my life. I fool the whole world and save vampire’s lives. It’s like a rule that I burn the vampires in Bolivia. People feel it is my style. But I do it so that I can easily cross the border without much questioning and take the vampires to Bolivia, where they can start leading normal lives again. Bolivia has made vampires legal…u must know that already. And as nobody has seen their faces on television so I don’t get into trouble even if they roam about freely in Bolivia. Now it’s time for you to think Juan… doesn’t it all add up?” she asked.

“But why would you just disguise yourself as a vampire hunter?” asked Juan.

“Well, like killing vampires is legal in this country… saving vampires can almost be called illegal here. Saving vampires publicly would make too many dangerous enemies in the government. And working secretly would just be too risky. By disguising myself as a friend of the government, I can save vampires right under the nose of the government. Because they will have trust on me,” shrugged Elizabeth, “This is the reason I am the first one to run to the place where vampires attacks prevail. Because I don’t want the police to catch them and kill them.”

David became speechless. It did make sense and all this explanation fitted like jigsaw puzzles. He could not decide what to comment “Clever” or “Cool”. He just stared at her. He still could not believe his ears. But he had to believe, she sounded so assuring.

“There’s my van. Now we can finally cross the border”, said Elizabeth.

Juan had not realized that they had just crossed the bridge.

“Get in the van”, ordered Elizabeth. Juan nodded slightly and did what was told.

“But why did you tie me up?” asked Juan.

“I feared you would try to escape…Vampires are damn scared of me. Ya, the time has come that I untie you.” The car stopped at a distance from where armed men could be seen. Elizabeth opened the wires and the rope.

“Now take off the cloak and get in the back of the caravan. Do not smile when the man checks the caravan for enquiry. Do not speak. Just sit there in the one corner of this place,” instructed Elizabeth.

“Alright,” Juan said, though he did not know why exactly he had to do so.

“And don’t mind the corpse inside the sack…comes in handy sometimes,” said Elizabeth.

Juan shivered a bit but then he remembered he was no more than a corpse himself. Juan was still tensed. They had to cross the border still. The caravan started and after travelling quite a distance, stopped.

A man dressed like a military, armed with a gun came forward.

“Elizabeth McCauley,” Elizabeth told the guard.

“Hey Liza!” the man exclaimed at once, “So another success. Who was it this time?”

“Some Juan bloke,” shrugged Elizabeth.

“Yeah but you know, we have to inspect as a part of the rule,” said the man.

Juan froze in fear. What would Elizabeth say to this man? What if this man already saw his photo? Then he’d be caught! The doors of the caravan opened.

“And who do we have hear?” enquired the man. Juan stared blankly at him.

“Another unlucky victim. Needs treatment. He was a tourist from Bolivia. Juan had attacked him. Luckily, I came at the right time. And there lies Juan inside the stinky sack”, said Elizabeth.

The man gave it a brief look. “Alright ma’am. You can go”, declared the man. The gate that would lead them to Bolivia opened up for them to pass.

After travelling quite a long distance, Juan was relieved. He was safe.

“For a moment, I thought the man would recognize me,” said Juan.

“Like I said, not many people get to see the vampire’s face except me and the police force. But the police force has many criminals to catch so they eventually forget the vampire’s faces. They don’t recognize the vampires if they ever go to Bolivia,” explained Elizabeth and laughed.

“I was thinking there are also other vampire hunters in this world. Do they also do the same thing like you?” asked Juan.

“Unfortunately not,” declared Elizabeth, “But my spies in other continents try their best to save those vampires.”

“And one last bit of curiosity… Why do you save vampires? I mean, what’s the reason that you are so concerned about vampire’s safety, when everybody thinks they are fanged leeches?”

Elizabeth made a peculiar expression, a smile that hid away some strong feelings of sympathy. Juan could feel her deep remorse in his skin.

“Well, that’s a story for another day,” she said softly.

It was clear she didn’t want to speak about it. Juan saw her eyes glisten. Finally the car stopped.

“Here,” she said handing him a card, “this is the address of the Master Vampire of the city. Go to his house for accommodation tonight and he will get you a house and a job here in a week. There are plenty of vampires in Bolivia who will guide you to his house. Best of luck for your new life…Do remember to change your name Juan,” she smiled and then drove away, leaving Juan alone on the dark street.

He just stood there for a while looking at the car that drove away to another street.

Juan was pleased...not because he was alive but because Elizabeth was still his role model.

Dark Night

“'Is there anybody there?' said the Traveller,

Knocking on the moonlit door;

And his horse in the silence champed the grasses

Of the forest's ferny floor:

And a bird flew up out of the turret,

Above the Traveller's head

And he smote upon the door again a second time;

'Is there anybody there?' he said.”

-“The Listeners” Walter de la Mare

The lone traveler knocked on the moonlit door, “Is there anybody there?” His eyes quickly scanned the exterior image of the house. A rather old house but quite big, it seemed to belong to someone rich. ‘Strange. Such an extravagant house in a forest’, He concluded. His face was stony and emotionless. He was a strong man. His grey eyes stared straight at the large wooden door wishing someone will answer it.

It was a test of his luck today. He needed refuge for the night. But it would be most inappropriate of anyone to let a man or a stranger, who looked more like a highwayman than a gentleman, take refuge in this isolated house. His wish was soon granted when a pale or rather snow-white lady, dressed in a glossy black gown opened the creaky door. The traveler had to admit that she was very beautiful with big heavily-lidded eyes, clean cut features and jet-black hair that went up to her waist. The unknown lady kept herself to the shadows avoiding the moonlight.

The silence was broken by the lady’s gentle voice, “Yes. May I help you?”

The stranger stammered getting nervous, “Well, ma’am. I-I was wondering if I and my horse could stay in your house for the night…if you do consent,” he stopped abruptly and went on explaining more, “You see I am on the way to my parent’s house. It is a few miles away from the forest and I have ridden for the whole day. I and my horse need some rest. My name is Willie Barady. So can I stop at your place for this night? You don’t have to take the trouble of dinner.”

The traveler felt relieved when he got the answer which was an unexpected one, “Yes, of course Mr. Willie,” she happily sang, “This house is practically empty all the time except for me and my servants. We could really do with a guest tonight. I am Derebella Alamdin. Welcome to the Alamdin Mansion.” Her face slid into a silky smile, a strangely victorious smile. “Come in and I will show you your room”.

“Oh that’s so kind of you, Madame!”He said.

The house was completely dark and the only source of light was the moon that paved its way on the corridors and the candle the lady was holding. The lady and the traveler cast long shadows as they walked past the passageways of the house.

The house was really extravagant with large portraits and antiques that hung on the wall. But the dim light did not stop Willie Barady from seeing that the furniture of the mansion was made of human corpses, which were forcefully twisted and turned and beautifully designed to make them look ordinary to normal humans. The carpet on which they walked had bloodspots on it. Willie Barady did not shudder one bit.

He followed her to his room for the night. “Hope you enjoy your stay here. And I will inform you when dinner’s ready,” she said with a strange smile, showing her long canines that stuck to the sides. Derebella glided away with a confident smile. She seemed to be in a hurry. Willie closed the door and viewed the luxurious room, everything was alright here. No blood no corpses.

He closed the door. He walked to the window which revealed the glowing moon. He stared at the moon with a peculiarly ferocious and curled eyebrows looking as if the moon was his enemy. The horse tied to the peg on the grassy floor kept on munching grass.

* * *

Dinner was ready and he was called. The stranger passed the haunted rooms to reach the roof where the dinner was specially held for the night. He looked at the old grandfather clock on the way. The time was five minutes to 12:00. Moonlight fell on his face when he reached the open roof. A long narrow table with black tablecloth was laid most extravagantly with empty plates, spoons, knives and wine bottles. Dinner was still not served.

Two other men were seen on one side of the lady, who was sitting on one of the extreme ends of the table. Their faces glowed with glee when the stranger walked in. As he neared the table, the strong smell of human corpses stabbed his nose like a needle. The lady, smiling childishly, waved her hand to take a seat beside her. Willie did not smile; his face was perfectly still except for the frowning brows. He was sitting face-to-face with the guests; they looked like cartoon caricatures in respect to the lady. One of them had a piece of rotting flesh dangling from the inlet of the disguised fresh skin on his palm. The two guests looked at Derebella adoringly and again at the stranger but did not dare speak a word to her. They were scared of her. Derebella, who stared fixedly at Barady in a flirtish manner, broke the silence once again.

“Well, well. Its time to introduce you both to Mr. Willie Barady who is the only human to turn up in this house in this century. A most extraordinary and surprising event,” she said to the two strangers showing her fangs more distinctly. The stranger trembled not with fear but with extreme pain that had pierced his body.

“So Mr.Barady, let me introduce you to myself once again. I, Derebella is a three-hundred-year-old vampire, who has prowled the forests for years. Prowled the villages, charmed men with my beauty, hunted them down and drank their blood. If you say your parents live near the forest they must have heard about strange disappearances of people that goes in this area. And I plan to give them a visit personally”.

The other two laughed at this.

“QUIET!” Derebella thundered.

The traveler sat rooted to the spot and glanced one last time at the moon. ‘It’s time’ he thought.

“And for the other two,” she said keeping her cold hands on Willie’s shoulders, “This is Mr.Drabillian Zangley, a five-hundred-year-old ghoul who has survived from the dead remnants of my preys. The inedible parts found its way to furniture-making by our craftsmen—Mr. Vibenro Vaselin. He is also one of us—a shape shifter.”

Vibenro, sitting in the chair transformed into a hyena. They all smiled at him most adoringly. The old grandfather clock struck twelve and started ringing.

“We all have been waiting for centuries for someone to come and surrender at our doorstep but that hardly happens. People are so scared of the “so-called man eater” that prowls at the dead of the night. So unfortunately, I have to take the trouble of going out to hunt. And have to bring food for these useless fools also!” she thundered as the other two gasped as if they just heard their death news of their mother, “And now that you have turned up we surely could have the pleasure of sinking our teeth into you. Can’t we not?”

She demanded. The traveler did not reply and remained expressionless. The ringing of the clock stopped and ever-increasing pain stabbed the traveler. His body was growing in size and he could feel his claws tearing out of his shoes.

“And for the final introduction, Miss.Alamdin. I am Mr.Willie Barady~ the werewolf who goes on hunting in different forests on every full moon. I had noticed you were a blood-sucker earlier but I never thought you won’t recognize what I am. As I was as pale as the moon when I came here,” his shrill laugh pierced the silence as the other three stared at disbelief.

They couldn’t mouth for any words.

“And I have been lucky to find three precious, endangered creatures here with me today. Especially a vampire whose flesh can break the curse of the werewolf. I assume it will be the grandest meal of my life…”

These were his final words before his chest muscles increased tearing his shirt and his back slouched. The hairs of his body increased rapidly and his canines grew larger than the vampire’s until he was completely a ferocious wolf and much larger than that.

The others were thunder-struck. Derebella Alamdin could not believe that for the first time in her life she was tricked this badly. And that also by a creature who had been any vampire’s enemy at all times. The other two could only stare. They could not swallow down the hard truth. Their dreams of living forever came to an end.

The traveler was not in his senses anymore; he howled madly and turned over the table on the shape shifter and zombie. All the werewolf knew was that he had to hunt.

He leapt into the air and pounced on the vampire who had already made a run. But Derebella Alamdin was not as fast as the werewolf. Her powers of levitation and charm become inactive in fear. The wolf clawed down the vampire as the big canines sank into the flesh of the living corpse.

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