Monday, June 1, 2009

From the author

Hey people I am just so sorry!
I was busy with my novel for many days.
ANd on top of that I have Class-11 studies!

Yeah I will update this soon.... as soon as I find some fellow typist...that won't take long.

And anyways... one of the followers.. some Mr.Menon had scrapped me in orkut telling he wanted to make some comics or something out of my stories....Well I am giving my permission but I would if you just could contact me giving some details by writing in the comments section of this post... and sorry to Mr.Menon, I deleted my account just after u scrapped me and I couldnt contact u!

And guys I will back... sooon!
As for my novel, I am stuck on with it for the last two months.


  1. you are stuck...and so are the millions of trees...and thats not a bad thing, considering they both bring forth fruits in due time...

    nice blog by the way...loved it..

  2. hey i am not going to open this ever.
    i am sorry.